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Lady of Camellias

Lady of Camellias

The Opatija Camellia Festival is an annual 7 days  festival from 4 to 10  April celebrating the City of Opatija  official flower the Camellia and its Asian origins , followed by performances, kids activities, vendors and lecturers activities, guided camellia tours, unique plant sales and more.

Camellia Lovers Associtaion from  Opatija is the host of the festival is also host to the  a camellia bloom competition judged by size, color, form and condition. The camellia exhibition  is open to all  visitors and camellia lovers. Camellia is the symbol of love in Eastern culture. The reason is due to the inseparable parts of the flower, which represents everlasting love, faithfulness or devotion. A camellia flower of any color can also symbolize gratitude, love, adoration, longing,or devotion, too.

The Association of Camellia Lovers from Opatija, precided by Mira Shalabi, successfully organizes the annual exhibition  of Camellias with her great team. The Camellia Lovers Association has been active since 2008 and has 140 members. Their goal was to promote Opatija as a city of camellias. They are especially proud of joining the International Camellia Society. Croatia recently and officially became the 16th region at the 2018 International Camellia Congress in Nantes.

Fijet Croatia and  Camellia Lovers Association media partnership started a few years ago. Fijet is a media partner of the event, sharing the same key values with  Camellia Lovers Association from Opatija.