/   Recognition awards to FIJET CROATIA
Recognition awards to FIJET CROATIA

Recognition awards to FIJET CROATIA

23rd international business and tourism exchange PUT, Croatian B2B tourist meeting which brings together employees from the agency business, hotel industry, tourism service providers, tourist board systems and tourism journalists is being held this year in Velika Gorica, Zagreb County,  from November 28 to 30.

An award ceremony  "Simply the best " was also held for 2022 organized by  The Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) and the PUT Business and Tourism Exchange, DMK Vall 042, and hosted by Tourist Office County Zagreb.

The award is in the category Person for contribution to the development of tourism and tourism were  awarded to  Fijet   Croatia  Members:  Tina  Cubrilo, the President, Karin Mimica, Gastronaut and  Goran Rihelj, the editor-in-chief and owner of the portal

Winners of the Simply the Best award for 2022  are FIJET Croatia  members: directors of  Tourist  Offices  Nin  and Sv. Ivan Zelina: Marija  Dejanovic  for the category  Fun:  "Romantic week, Nin"  and  Marinka Zubcic Mubrin with partners Kos Jurisic  for Category: New projects in Tourism  " Picnic in the vineyard, Vina Kos Juričić, Zelina"

The Croatian Tourist Board celebrated its 30th birthday on 29th of November. A selection of successful past projects, marketing and PR campaigns, achievements, awards and recognitions received over the past 30 years was presented in a celebratory, but friendly and relaxed atmosphere. More than 500 distinguished guests gathered for the celebration. They were greeted with welcoming speeches by the General Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristijan Staničić, the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Brnjac, the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković and  Gordana Jandrokovic, the President of Croatian Parlament.

The celebration was attended by the former ministers of tourism, directors of the Croatian Tourist Board, numerous participants of the tourism system who have given their maximal contribution so that Croatian tourism could be even more successful and competitive, representatives of all areas of social, economic and political life in Croatia, as well as all those who in some way took part in making Croatia one of the most attractive world tourist destination over these past 30 years.

This is truly an important and significant anniversary for Croatian tourism  and Croatian Tourism Office, born in war for independance, in 1992. Through the years, talents and efforts of all  who are working in tourism  have contributed Croatian  Tourism  Office success.

The 30th anniversary serves as a reminder of how waw successful the work of the Croatian Tourist Board team  and  travel journalists who starting 1992 built the Croatian tourism promotion and image.

During this special ceremony  evening, certificates of appreciation were awarded to the employees of the Croatian Tourist Board for their 30 years- long-term work, while awards were presented to long-term tourism journalists for their exceptional contribution to the media monitoring and promotion of Croatian tourism. Tina  Cubrilo, Silvana Jakus, Zlatan Skalicki, Djuro Tomljenovic, Ruzica Mikacic, Slobodan Nano Vlasic and Vesna Camdjic were awarded for their exceptional to the media promotion and monitoring of Croatian Tourism.

Congratulations  to  all  Fijet  Croatia  members!