/   Plamen Starev is the winner of the international award ANTONIO CONTE `2022
Plamen Starev is the winner of the international award ANTONIO CONTE `2022

Plamen Starev is the winner of the international award ANTONIO CONTE `2022

The International Tourism Film festival was held in the town of Solin (Croatia) from 9 to 12 November 2022. In parallel, with a wealth of initiatives and various cultural events took place:

  • 29th INTERSTAS‘2022 / International Festival of Tourism, Tour Film  Festival and Landscape - International Club of Merited in Tourism
  • 25th ITF'CRO‘2022 / International Tourfilm Festival
  • 20th KEA-CRO‘2022 / Presentation of Croatian towns/places for ”International Golden Flower - CIB”

Many  Fijet  members joined the Festival:  Tina  Cubrilo, Marijana Rebic, Abi Shalabi, Voljen Grbac, Stefan Baciu, George Papathansopoulos, Giacomo Glaviano, Mira Shalabi, Vesna Juric Rukavina,Paula and Djelo Jusic,  Pavo Jerkovic.

INTERSTAS / International project of tourism, tourist film, landscaping, founded 1994 by the initiatives of The FEST / European Federation of Tourist Journalists and Writers, Rome, Italy, since 2003 becomes center “International Club of Merit for Tourism".

In its own development program INTERSTAS has founded two more international events. 1988 with the support of FEST and ITF substantiates ITF'CRO / International Film Festival, and in 2003 became a member of the European Flower and Landscape Association - AEFP / EFE, and substantiates KEA-CRO / Landscape Flower Competition of Croatian Cities, Hundreds, Centers for GOLDEN CVIJET EUROP and Special Award "Dr. Lucija Čikeš"

Winners of International Tourism Award Charter Fest ANTONIO CONTE '2022 for extraordinary contribution to tourism and tourism promotion are: Sema F.Kutlu, Chairperson of Young Journalists  Academy, Plamen Starev, Fijet  Bulgaria, Stefan Baciu,  Fijet  Romania and George Papathanasopoulos, Fijet Greece.

Winners of special recognitions - GOLDEN INTERSTAS '2022 are: Mira Shalabi, the President of Camellia Lovers  Association, Opatija and Marija Vukasovic Petrinovic- Croatian Television, Region Slavonia and Baranja