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Pausanias the traveller

Pausanias the traveller

For  7 months Fijet  Syprus  participated the  project  of a Student Contest on tourism, which  award ceremony of the Student Contest “Pausanias the traveller” took place at the Lefkara Conference Center on Friday, May 13th, 2022.

In promoting tourism, the Cyprus Travel Writers & Journalists Society in cooperation with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Education & Culture and the Mountain Community Development Commissioner, successfully organized the A’ Tourism Contest “Pausanias the traveller” for students of gymnasium, third class, awarding cash prizes for all entries.

The theme of the student contest was “Mountain tourism development and the promotion of the communities. Holidays close to nature, culture and rural people”, and it offered an opportunity for students to think about what visitors might find interesting in their communities to visit.

50 staff and students from six schools throughout Troodos area came together to present their projects and celebrate their students’ innovative ideas.  The students presented the competitive advantages of their area and suggested innovative ideas for the tourism development of each area.

The audience was delighted to hear their thoughts on the tourism, especially their views of how their area could participate in tourism industry and their proposals on how this could be achieved. An excellent and warm welcome performance -with artistic expression- held by Lefkara Gymnasium created a lively and exciting atmosphere.