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Mystic Oath of Silence

Mystic Oath of Silence

The Fijet could has declared 2022 as a Year of Books. Tijani  Haddad, Huseyin Kurtogullari, Plamen Starev and  Philip Nicolaides, have published books in different styles. Fijet  is proud  of their work and success.

The latest information is from Cyprus. Philip Nicolaides, the President of Fijet Cyprus, has publised „ Mystic Oath of Silence“.

The presentation of the book took place on Monday, December 5, at the crowded Cultural Center of the European University of Cyprus. The book was  presented by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis. Dr. Achilleas Emilianidis, Professor & Dean of the Law School of the University of Nicosia, gave a short greeting. The coordinator of the event was the journalist Petra Argyrou. Excerpts from the book were read by radio producer Mikis Kasapis and actress Maria Moustakas. Efi Tsangaridis played on the piano.

The book is a journey through time, to a stirring of the memory of a great struggle for freedom and Union with mother Greece, but also to an agonizing and soul-destroying march of three generations for the justice of an unsatisfied patriot, who disappeared suddenly on an October night of 1958.

A new, thrilling historical novel about a desperate search that spanned three generations. They desperately search for the footsteps of a fighter during the titanic EOKA Liberation Struggle 1955-59, whose fate is obscured under the weight of the oath of silence of his old comrades. A work that masterfully recreates an era full of mystery, uncertainty and trauma, based on a shocking true story.

The "Secret Oath of Silence", the result of extensive research and study of a human tragedy, intentionally ends up - through the narration - becoming like a fairy tale, consolation and hope. In many countries with similar historical events there were revisions and restorations of people after 100 and 150 years.

Marijana Rebić