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Mediterranean Tourism Forum

Mediterranean Tourism Forum

On 13 and 14 June Mediterranean Tourism Forum will be held in Malta. The organiser is the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation. It aims to increase the potential of sustainable tourism growth across the Mediterranean, by transforming the region into an area of peace, cooperation and prosperity through regional cooperation and tangible projects including commercial initiatives.  The MTF has as patron H.E Dr George Vella, President of Malta who is a very active advocate for peace in the Mediterranean region through the promotion of sustainable tourism growth. For more information about the Foundation please refer to  

The Mediterranean Tourism Forum brings together leaders of society and other stakeholders holding an interest in the diversity of Mediterranean tourism and peace. Indeed, representatives of governments, top executives, leaders of international organisations and relevant non-governmental organisations, the most prominent cultural, societal and thought leaders and disruptive voices come together at the beginning of each year with the aim to define priorities and shape Mediterranean tourism agendas.  The Forum takes the format of various specialised masterclasses and discussion arenas culminating in a plenary session and the Mediterranean Tourism Gala Awards ceremony.  Public inclusion is achieved through broad international media participation, televised sessions and webcasts, and through the Foundation’s followers on social media.

The theme of the forthcoming Forum will be MEDITERRANEAN BRAIN – Business Research And Innovation Network. The discussions will focus on why we need to re-learn how to better use our brains, as whatever the situation is, thinking outside the box is today becoming the moon-shot of our generation. The conference will be very innovative in presentation including speakers who will be projected on the stage of the reconstructed (through augmented reality) Royal Opera of Malta, a majestic theatre which was destroyed during World War II.  This indeed will be a first and our intention is to demonstrate how conferences can be complemented by virtual experiences. Significantly, during the Forum, the Business Research And Innovation Network will be launched. 

This new organisation will form alliances with leading institutions and accordingly focus on research, innovation with an emphasis on networking. The aim is to address through the projects spearheaded through the BRAIN include, religious tourism, crisis management, sports tourism, marine conservation/scuba-diving, embellishment, climate change/wild-fires management, service excellence on the job training, sustainable tourism/carrying capacity, AI data analytics, Mediterranean cuisine and standards, music events, and culture and art. In a nutshell the aim is to attract the best brains from across the world and convene them within the BRAIN initiatives to brainstorm ideas and inspire new solutions that address challenges which the travel, tourism and hospitality sector is facing. Participation to the Forum is open to the Foundation’s network organisations, members and associates. The ongoing close collaboration with these stakeholders ensures the solution-oriented substance of the Mediterranean Tourism Forum, as numerous initiatives of regional importance have been launched during the related events.  Indeed, the last Forum organised in 2019 attracted over 1400 participants from 30 different countries.

The events related to the upcoming Forum will start on the 13th June 2022 during which various think tanks will be held with the aim to compile a declaration on the future of tourism. On the evening of the same day there will also be the Mediterranean Tourism Awards Gala event to be held at one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in Malta.  On the 14th June the Mediterranean Tourism Forum will convene. This will include various breakout Master Classes in the afternoon session addressing different interesting topics.