/   Marco Polo Grand Prix Award : Stefan Baciu from Romania
Marco Polo Grand Prix Award : Stefan Baciu from Romania

Marco Polo Grand Prix Award : Stefan Baciu from Romania

Fijet Croatia  has given its annual 2019 Marco Polo Grand Prix Award to Stefan Baciu  for writing about Morocco as a host country of Fijet Congress in 2018.

With these awards, the Fijet  Croatia underlines the value of a professional approach to writing   reportages  about tourism. The Marco Polo  Awards have several categories  for domestic and international  journalists and writers.

The sponsor and host   of Marco Polo  Grand Prix for best articles about  Fijet  Congress  Host  country is  City of Korcula and   Tourist Office  Korcula.

In this way, the winners report and publish reportages from journalists' own experience and stay in Korcula and  Croatia, what is are highly important for the image of  Croatian  tourism.Stories and impressions based on personal experience are the best recommendation as well as an invitation  to discover Croatia's beauties.

Korcula – the city of walls, Wine Festival, Summer carnival, and Rustic Fare and Gastronomy, vineyards, beaches...

When the ancient Greeks saw the island’s dense forests of holm oak and pine, they named it ‘Black Corfu’ (Korkyra Melaina), and legend suggests Korčula was discovered by the Greek hero Antenor escaping from Troy.

Now, the fortified medieval old town is listed in UNESCO’s tentative list of outstanding world heritage sites. The most beautiful of all of Croatia’s island towns, Korčula juts out into the sea like a mini Dubrovnik – ringed with walls, paved in marble and centred on a magnificent 15th-century cathedral.Outside of the town’s picturesque cobbled streets and unspoiled beaches and coves, you’ll find acres of olive groves and vineyards producing local olive oil and wine. One of the most beautiful islands to visit in Croatia. Korcula Island is said to be the birthplace of international explorer Marco Polo, located in the central Dalmatian archipelago, linked to the mainland by a regular ferry service. The Old City in Korcula Town is surrounded by medieval stone walls with its cobblestone streets lined with impressive Venetian-Gothic buildings like St. Mark’s Cathedral. You’ll see Venetian influences throughout while exploring, along with unique locally owned shops, galleries and countless eateries serving traditional Croatian fare

Rich in vineyards, olive groves and small villages, and harbouring a glorious old town.

Elegant restaurants line its fringes, offering views to the mountains of the mainland. Foodies  explore the humble taverns scattered about the verdant interior, while beach-lovers seek out sandy, family-friendly Pržina near the town of Lumbarda. The island is also known for its quality white wine made from the endemic pošip and grk grapes.