/   58th Fijet Congress in Tunisia
58th Fijet Congress in Tunisia

58th Fijet Congress in Tunisia

The 58th Congress of World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET) was held in Tunisia. Tourism authors and journalists from 23 countries participated to the congress at Tunisia Sheraton Hotel.

Tunisian Tourism Minister Selma Elloumi Rekik made a very meaningful speech at the congress and said: “We are proud that the FIJET Congress is being held in our country. We see and appreciate that FIJET works extremely actively to contribute to world tourism. Sustainable tourism is the common goal of all of us. We will make our best to leave a beautiful world for next generations. Tourism contributes to the world economy and peace seriously.”

The FIJET President Tijani Haddad pointed out that tourism is an important actor of tolerance and success in the world. He signified that tourism should be permanent and said: “While working in the field of tourism, we must also protect and observe our cultural and historical heritage. Tourism is facing with new challenges. First one of these is the terrorism.Terrorism is a challenge which affects whole international community. In addition to this, climate change is one of the factors affecting tourism. There is a long list of difficulties in front of the tourism. This can only be overcome if all states, governments and societies come together and develop a strategy.”

The program was as pleasant as instructive. The participants visited many Tunisian tourism sights and discovered the rich historic archeologic and culural heritage and appreciated the Tunisian warm welcome and hospitality.

Both EC and Board of directors members held two metings to discuss matters and issues related to FIJET activities.