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Tourism in Croatia 2022
Tourism in Croatia 2022 04 january 2023

Croatia welcomed 18.9 million tourists in 2022, 37 percent more than the previous year. There were also 25 percent more overnight stays last year with 104.8 million recorded, according to date from the country’s eVisitor system. The largest number of overnight stays in Croatia in 2022 was achieved by foreign guests from Germany (24.9 million), Slovenia (10.1 million), Austria (8.2 million), Poland (6.7 million), the Czech Republic ( 6 million), Italy (4.2 million), the United Kingdom (3.7 million), Slovakia (3.3 million) and the Netherlands (3.3 million). The record year for Croatian tourism is still 2019 when 21 million tourists visited. But, in 2022, more revenue generated than record year 2019. In this context,  the income from foreign tourists for 2022 will amount to around 13 billion euros, which is an excellent indicator of the growth of the quality of the offer as...

Marco Polo 2022  Award  Ceremony
Marco Polo 2022 Award Ceremony 14 december 2022

Traditional  12th Marco Polo  Award Ceremony for the  best travel reportages  was held  in  Zagreb, Croatia organized by Fijet  Croatia.    The first prize for Lifetime Achivement in media was given to Ante  Gavranovic, doayen of Croatian travel journalism and one of founders of  Fijet Croatia. The first prize Marko Polo  Grand Prix  for domestic travel articles was given to the journalist Daria Marjanovic  for the TV reportages from Croatia published  in  National TV „Alpe, Dunav, Jadran“ (Alps, Danube, Adriatic)  that inspire international and croatian  TV viewers  to discover Croatia destinations  from all aspects. Five  medals  „Marco Polo“  went to domestic journalists  for the excellence, to journalists who published travel...

Mystic Oath of Silence
Mystic Oath of Silence 06 december 2022

The Fijet could has declared 2022 as a Year of Books. Tijani  Haddad, Huseyin Kurtogullari, Plamen Starev and  Philip Nicolaides, have published books in different styles. Fijet  is proud  of their work and success. The latest information is from Cyprus. Philip Nicolaides, the President of Fijet Cyprus, has publised „ Mystic Oath of Silence“. The presentation of the book took place on Monday, December 5, at the crowded Cultural Center of the European University of Cyprus. The book was  presented by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis. Dr. Achilleas Emilianidis, Professor & Dean of the Law School of the University of Nicosia, gave a short greeting. The coordinator of the event was the journalist Petra Argyrou. Excerpts from the book were read by radio producer Mikis Kasapis and actress Maria Moustakas. Efi Tsangaridis...

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