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"Golden Apple" to Timișoara
"Golden Apple" to Timișoara 24 march 2023

The International Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers, FIJET, handed over the „Golden Apple” trophy to the city of Timișoara, European Capital of Culture 2023. The event hosted by the Lloyd Palace, the headquarters of the rectorate of the Politechnical University, was attended by FIJET Executive Committee members and members of FIJET Romania Tourism Press Club, representatives of local touristic industry and local media, local authorities, alongside with Dominic Fritz, the Mayor of Timișoara. Considered the equivalent of the Oscar in cinematography, the "Golden Apple", "Pomme d'Or" or "Mărul de Aur" is awarded to an organization, a city or a personality, in recognition of the efforts to promote and develop tourism. The winners are selected following the analysis of the application files and the vote given by a jury made up of FIJET members. ”I am...

Ferien-Messe Wien 2023
Ferien-Messe Wien 2023 17 march 2023

In Vienna opened tourist fair Ferien-Messe, the largest international tourism fair for business and the general public in Austria on which this year's partner country Croatia. Over 500 exhibitors from some 70 countries, gathered in Vienna on Thursday for an international holidays, travel and leisure fair. The fair will be open until March 19st, about 160 thousand visitors are expected. All National Tourism Boards are presenting its tourism services at the biggest international tourism fair in Austria,  travel and leisure present numerous exhibitors from several countries. A colorful array of destinations and travel styles,where experiences offered by the Austrian tourism industry with the wants and needs of international buyers and tourism media are welcomed. Fijet Members from  several countries   participate  the tourism fair as professionals from the...

The tragic story of the lovers of teruel becomes a joyful popular Festival
The tragic story of the lovers of teruel becomes a joyful popular Festival 17 february 2023

"The Marriage of Isabel de Segura" brings together thousands of people In a grandiose setting There are many love stories with tragic endings, some are real and Others border on legend, some have given rise to masterpieces of Literature, such as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet or Calixto and Melibea in La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas or to essential changes in History, such as Joan the Mad and Philip the Fair. There are those in The most remote places: Agnes and Pedro in Coimbra (Portugal), including The vassalage of Agnes' corpse, the incestuous love of the Polish Siblings Anna and Stanislaw Oswiecimowie that inspired a symphonic poem By Mieczyslaw Karlowicz or the Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai in 4th Century China that continues to be remembered 1. 700 years later; and Also those that have inspired great artistic works such as the one that The emperor Shah Jahan offered to...

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