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10 years of  Unesco - The Mediterranean Diet  International Taste of Mediterranean Cuisine
10 years of Unesco - The Mediterranean Diet International Taste of Mediterranean Cuisine 02 july 2023

From 23. to 25. June Bol on island Brač (situated in Middle Dalmatia) is the place of an international cultural and gastronomic meeting Meeteating Mediterranean organized by the Municipality Bol and Meeteating Mediterranean, and the guest country is Morocco,  the city of Chefchaouen , Bol  and  Chefchaouen are on  the UNESCO emblematic communities of the Mediterranean Diet.  The meeting of two Mediterranean countries - Morocco and Croatia in a small town on the island of Brač, one of the symbols of Croatian tourism  again  shows that the new concepts, which celebrate common cultural ties, give great added value to the offer of the Mediterranean. In the dialogue of heritage, gastronomy and exchange of experiences of Croatia and Morocco  as two Mediterranean countries, in Bol will mark 10 years since the inclusion of the Mediterranean diet on...

Arab radio and television festival
Arab radio and television festival 19 june 2023

The President of FIJET Mr. Tijani Haddad participated the 23rd Edition of Arab Radio and Television Festival ( ASBU) organized in Tunis (June 12 to 15). The theme of the Forum was "The role of Arab press in the process and strategy of world tourism". Mr. Tijani gave an presentation  of the role of the Arab press in the participation in the development of Arab and world tourist information. The presentation  was followed by a large Arab and interested global presence. It's was broadcast live on the Festival site and reproduced by several TV and news media, and  magazines President Tijani was the guest of the Hannibal television channel in  a direct 45-minute interview on the strategy for the success of the tourist season at the national, Arab and global levels, as well as the role of FIJET, organizations and media specializing in this current and future...

EU adopts visa-free travel for Kosovo
EU adopts visa-free travel for Kosovo 20 april 2023

Visa-free travel for Kosovar passport holders will become a reality on 1 January 2024 at the latest. Following agreement between the European Parliament and the Council on a proposal by the Commission, passport holders from Kosovo will be allowed to travel to the EU without a visa, for maximum 90 days in any 180-day period. Visa-free travel brings key benefits for citizens on both sides, strengthening further the EU relations with Kosovo. Kosovo has consistently fulfilled all benchmarks and continuously shown its commitment. With this achievement, all Western Balkan partners will soon have visa-free access to the EU.

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