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Vukovar  - The  City of pride- The Home  City of Golden Apple
Vukovar - The City of pride- The Home City of Golden Apple 09 may 2022

Not all  ceremonies have thousands of guests gathered in a gala atmosphere, but all ceremonies surely have their stars and memorable moments. One of the stars and memorable moments was ceremonial moving the Golden Apple Statue from City Mayor office to the new home- Vucedol Culture Museum to  be visible to all visitors of  Vukovar.Fijet Delegation composed by  Tina Cubrilo, Abi Shalabi, Marijana Rebic, Mira Shalabi, Ludmila Novacka and  Alexander Stemp were hosted in Vukovar  by Ivan Penava, City Mayor  and Zeljko Sabo, The President of City Conucil for 3 days.Croatia is very proud of Vukovar  – we may be a small country but we are proud of our identity and the fact that we have a unique and ancient culture and traditions. In 1991 , it was the fiercest and most protracted battle seen in Europe since 1945, and Vukovar was the first major...

ENCG  Tourism Conference
ENCG Tourism Conference 29 april 2022

The  ENCG Tourism Conference, Morocco  took place in Casablanca on 26th of April, 2022.  The Conference was 1st edition of study days dedicated to strategic marketing in the field of the tourism. Thanks to effort  of  Ms. Sabria Korichi , the Fijet Morocco Member with ENCG  (University of Hasan II Casablanca)  Team  and  students, the conference   has organized with great success. The students with valuable and unstinting efforts were contributed to the success of the Conference. The faith,motivation and support of sponsors are what drived the conference success for young people in tourism. Fijet was   the one of  main   sponsors and partners. The keynote speakers and lecturers  were Mustafa Agounjab,Tijani Haddad, Najib Senhadji,  Kerdoudi Jawad, Abdelmajid Ibenrissoul, Mohammed Sebti and...

Lady of Camellias
Lady of Camellias 12 april 2022

The Opatija Camellia Festival is an annual 7 days  festival from 4 to 10  April celebrating the City of Opatija  official flower the Camellia and its Asian origins , followed by performances, kids activities, vendors and lecturers activities, guided camellia tours, unique plant sales and more. Camellia Lovers Associtaion from  Opatija is the host of the festival is also host to the  a camellia bloom competition judged by size, color, form and condition. The camellia exhibition  is open to all  visitors and camellia lovers. Camellia is the symbol of love in Eastern culture. The reason is due to the inseparable parts of the flower, which represents everlasting love, faithfulness or devotion. A camellia flower of any color can also symbolize gratitude, love, adoration, longing,or devotion, too. The Association of Camellia Lovers from Opatija, precided...

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