ABUJET is one of the first members of the World Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers

In 1956 in Sofia a group of journalists writing on tourism established the Bulgarian Association of Journalists and Writers in Tourism - ABUJET. The following year, at a congress in Cologne, the Bulgarian Association was accepted as a member of the World Federation of Journalists and Writers of Tourism - FIJET.

Today more than 60 journalists from leading Bulgarian media are members of ABUJET. The association is among the oldest branch journalistic organizations in our country. Its main task is to unite professionals writing for tourism, as well as to help the development of tourism in the country and abroad.

A fundamental principle grounded in the Charter of both ABUJET and FIJET is freedom of speech and the promotion of human rights on the principles of democracy. At the annual meetings in different continents, journalists from all over the world exchange up-to-date information and look for the most direct ways to establish tourism as an "international language" for cooperation, friendship and mutual assistance, for bringing people, countries, interests and cultures closer.

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New Deal Europe Tourism Restart Summit 2021
New Deal Europe Tourism Restart Summit 2021 18 march 2021

Pent up demand, booking surges, successful vaccination roll outs and high personal savings are all contributing to the UK and US markets being the primary focus for the tourism restart, according to speakers at New Deal Europe’s Destination and Media Summit this week. Tourism boards in the Balkans region were invited to a ‘meet the...
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ABUJET is preparing a book to present 20 known and unknown Bulgarian destinations
ABUJET is preparing a book to present 20 known and unknown Bulgarian destinations 11 march 2021

ABUJET is preparing a book to present 20 known and unknown Bulgarian destinations. This will be a book about Bulgaria through the eyes of journalists who have traveled all over the world. Bookstore shelves are full of books describing stunning places around the world with exoticism and beauty. ABUJET will present the incredible places in the...
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Invitation 11 march 2021

ABUJET invites young artists to be presented in the new section "PhotoSensation", which will soon "open doors" on the site. We expect photos from the following categories: Nature, Documentary, Reports, Portraits, Art Photography, Travel, Cultural and Historical Monuments. The number of photos per section should not exceed 5. A short text to the...
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